Corporate Training

These are very client specific and are conducted for a period of one day to several days, based on the client requirements. The workshops are customized to cover all the requirements detailed by the client. These will be conducted exclusively for the client and its group. These workshops usually consist of many lecture modules intervened with hands-on experiments, these lectures are usually delivered by experts in this field. The client has the option to review the contents of the workshop before it is presented. The workshop can be conducted at the client's premises or at any other location as desired by the client. The notes and the slides will be handed over to the client at the end of the workshop for its internal use. The preferred number of participants for these kinds of workshops is not more than 25.

Public Training

These workshops are conducted once or twice in a quarter; the schedules will be updated on our website. The topics are based on the industry needs and demands. These are open to nominations from industries across the country and the globe. These workshops could be for a period of one day to a maximum of three days. The structure consists of lectures intermingled with hands-on exercises. Detailed notes will be presented to all participants. The workshops will be conducted by experts in the field. Workshops mailers will also be sent and registrations have to be made at least 15 days in advance. In case of participants from other state or country special accommodation can be arranged, (if informed in advance) but the cost will have to be borne by the participant. Refreshments provided during the workshop are included in the cost. The preferred number of participants for these kinds of workshop is not more than 50.