Immersion Ultrasonic C-Scan System for the Evaluation of Composites

  • Three axis servo motor powered gantry
  • Computer controlled motion
  • Sample holding work bench with levelling
  • Layer by layer data analysis
  • Support for air coupled UT and Lamb
  • Multi UT Instrument support
  • Through-Transmission and Pulse Echo Modes
  • Capable of customizations

Automatic Shell Inspection System

  • 5 Channel Ultrasonic Testing With report generation
  • Circummferential CW and CCW , Lateral FWD and Rev,Normal
  • Articulated robot for shell handling with a maximum pay load of 120 kgs
  • Synchronized verdict marking
  • Ultrasonic Scanning

Multi-Axis Computer Controlled Air Coupled Ultrasonic System

  • Dual Tower Design
  • Modular and Rigid Construction
  • servo motor powered control system
  • Remote Pendant with touch screen display
  • X-axis Linear motion, Y-axis Linear motion, Z-axis Linear motion
  • Pan axis motion
  • Tilt axis motion
  • Supports Flat, Single curvature and double curvature scans
  • Teach and learn support
  • CAD geometry Import Support
  • Multi UT Instrument Compatible
  • Live C scan Generation
  • Image Processing tools to enhance the defects

Evaluation of Pipeline & Pressure Vessel Steels for Resistance to Hydrogen Induced Cracking

  • 3 Channel acquisition with 3 transducers focussed at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of material thickness
  • Fixture for placing the samples repeatedly and accurately
  • Servo motion system with scanning speeds upto 500 mm/s
  • Manual motion for the Z axis to adjust the water path for individual transducers
  • Automatic water path calculation and verification
  • Automatic file saving as per the sample ID
  • Rugged frame for stability
  • Automatic report generation
  • Zone wise analysis and defect sizing

X Ray Inspection System for Aluminium Castings

  • Robotic controlled pick and place mechanism
  • Computer controlled X Ray ramp up
  • Voltage and current value for each shot set automatically
  • Automatic and manual modes of operation
  • Automatic defect recognition
  • Parallel ADR processing to improve cycle time
  • Sentencing by the end of inspection through ADR
  • Production line machine capable of continuous operation
  • Customizable and flexible design options

Ultrasonic scanner system for case to insulation interface inspection SDSC SHAR

  • System to inspect the case to insulation bonding.
  • Capable of scanning samples with diameter upto 3.2 meters and length upto 11 meters.
  • Indigenous custom built software.
  • Sophisticated bubbler mechanism with multiple degrees of freedom.
  • Continuous supply of couplant.
  • PAUT and Conventional UT adapters for bubblers.
  • Alarm synchronization to stop on defect detection.
  • Automatic report generation with defect locations.
  • Flexible scan plan generation.

Ultrasonic system for cleanliness evaluation of Steel according to SEP 1927 and ASTM E 588- JSW Salem

  • System for cleanliness evaluation of steel.
  • Inspection according to SEP 1927 , ASTM E 588 and Custom standards.
  • Capable of scanning steel billets of diameter ranging from 0.03 to 0.15 meters and length up to 1 meter.
  • Capable of scanning steel bars of sections ranging from 0.06 to 0.13 meters and length up to 1 meter.
  • Advanced probe holder for normalizing the probe wrt sample.
  • Automatic report generation upon scan completion.
  • Multiple UT instrument support.
  • Specialized sample holding fixtures.

Timken, Jamshedpur - High speed bearing scanner

  • Go-No go testing
  • Live c-scan plots
  • Motorised probe angulations for curved wall scanning
  • Customized software for production line operation.
  • Scanning speeds of 5 min/bearing*
  • Scanning resolutions of 0.02 mm
  • Oil & water resistant cables, superior cable harness
  • IP rated control towers
  • Customizable UT hardwares

L&T Ahmednagar – 3 axis scanner for ultrasonic immersion testing

  • Live c-scan plots
  • Max scanning speed of 300 mm/s
  • Scanning resolutions of .03mm
  • Customized software for defect sizing
  • Customizable UT hardwares

Orlikon-Graziano , Greater Noida - Automobile component testing machine

  • Production line compatible
  • water& oil proof cables and superior harnessing
  • Non-corrosive machine components
  • IP rated Control tower
  • GO-No go testing
  • minimum operator intervention

Automated Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection System for Barrels and Breech Ring (Ordinance factory , Kanpur)

  • Production line Phased array automatic inspection plant.
  • Scans barrels of length up to 10 m and diameter up to 0.45 m.
  • Scans cuboid components of dimensions up to 0.8x0.8x2 m.
  • Capable of handling jobs up to 8 tonnes.
  • Linear speeds upto 250 mm/s and rotary upto 50 rpm.
  • Sophisticated fixture to accommodate barrels of different designs.
  • Rugged and tough rollers.
  • Stainless steel immersion tank.
  • User friendly operator console for trouble free operation.
  • Control system with contour following capability.
  • 3D visualization of acquired data.
  • Automatic job sentencing at the end of inspection.