TraCSS-Transducer Characterisation & Scanning System

Ultrasonic transducers are employed over long periods for inspection. The NDT results depend on the characteristics of the transducers which may not remain the same over extended duration. Hence, periodic characterization of the transducers for the time, frequency, and profile characterizations as per accepted standards is now becoming mandatory in several industries. Standards such as ASTM E 1065-99 define the procedures for characterisation for both immersion and contact transducers. Several industry requirements such as NADCAP(in aerospace industries) mandate the suppliers to conform to such transducer characterisation standards.

Our Solution

A turnkey solution is provided by Dhvani Research including automated computer controlled scanning system, probe holder, digitizer, test calibration samples, targets, and wide-banded pinducer for accomplishing the requirements of the ASTM standard. An optional ultrasonic pulsing unit is also provided for shock excitation. The software provides an automated measurement and analysis module for generating customized reports.

Other features of TraCSS include
  • ASTM 1065-99 compliant
  • Immersion and Contact Transducers
  • Ultrasonic C-scan B-Scan added Capability
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Calibration Block and Pinducers included
  • Customizable