TASS-Turnkey Automated Scanning System

Industry Problem

Industrial NDE processes benefit from automation through improved reliability of inspection, increased information from digital data collection and archival, improved analysis and reporting using advanced and automated algorithms. Several standard automated systems are available, at significant costs. Also, industries look for custom build automated systems that fit their specific requirements of NDT during either production or in-service.

Our Solution

Dhvani Research brings the domain expertise of NDT with the experience and capabilities of robotics along with data analysis, imaging and software, to provide its customers with Turnkey Automated Scanning Systems (TASS). These systems find applications in the industries, research labs, and academic institutions.

The TASS based solutions are designed, built, and tested based on the specific requirement of the customer. The installation and service options are also included. TASS uses the “state of the art” digital processing technologies for extracting information from the NDE data.

TASS provides a cross-platform solution across different NDE modalities including ultrasonic, eddy-current, microwave, thermography, radiography, etc. Some of the systems that have been developed include:

  • Ultrasonic Immersion C-Scans
  • Portable Ultrasonic/Eddy Current C-Scan
  • Fast C-Scans for production line
  • Pipe and Tube Scanners
  • Storage Tank Scanners
  • X-ray Tomography & Laminography
  • Custom build scanners