SHRUTI-Scanning High Resolution Ultrasonic Testing & Imaging

R&D departments from industry, government, and academia have a need to investigate the volumetric characteristics of materials, components, test coupons, etc. for achieving various objectives including manufacturing process optimization, defect and anomaly imaging, elastic moduli measurements, NDT procedure establishment, correlation studies of NDE measurements with damage mechanisms, among others. The current destructive assay methods such as optical microscopes are tedious, time-consuming and often provide limited information only on the surface.

Our Solution

A turnkey solution is provided by Dhvani Research that includes an automated multi-axis computer controlled scanning system, probe manipulator, ultrasonic pulser and receiver with built-in digitizer along with a user friendly and powerful data analysis and image analysis software that opens new avenues for a researcher. The software provides an automated measurement and sizing module for generating customized reports. Typically flat and cylindrical objects can be analyzed using standard version of SHRUTi. For more complex shaped objects, customized solutions can also be provided.

Other features of SHRUTI include
  • High Resolution Immersion Scanning System
  • Ultrasonic A-scan, B-Scan, & C-Scan.
  • Any number of Gates
  • Amplitude, TimeofFlight, and other features
  • Digital Recording and DataPlay-back
  • Advanced Data Analysis Package
  • Image Analysis Package
  • Automated defect sizing and distribution plotting.
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Customizable Scanning

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