Flexible Crawler For NDT Inspection

Flexible crawler offers enabling various technology together, which can be used in different industrial applications like pipeline & storage tank inspection using NDT methods.It is very flexible since it can be used on different ranges of the pipes and it can scan not only axially but also circumferentially on pipes.Another feature of this robot is,it can climb on vertical pipes and walls also, so it can be used to inspect storage tank also

Guide Inspection Using HOMC Technique

"NDT inspection for rail using guide wave HOMC" " method can be used to find the hidden defects in rail, in the regions that are hidden by the liner seat and clips, in the feet region of the rails. The novelty of this technique is that it involves the use of higher order modes that have smaller wavelengths and hence improved resolution to detect smaller defects. The difficulties previously encountered with multiple modes are resolved here by selecting a region in the dispersion curve where all the modes converge to the same velocity and are non-dispersive. This selection allows the employment of higher order modes without the difficulties of multiple modes travelling at different velocities and hence dispersion in the modes. There is no report of any previous use of this region for RAIL inspection, and hence constitutes a novel technique that is useful for medium range inspection applications with higher resolution of defect detection compared to the conventional guided wave techniques. Both the group and the phase velocities of all modes are similar and hence improve the time resolution for defect location and velocity measurement for NDT/E and measurement applications. The frequency bandwidth region of the generation and reception of this Higher Order Modes Cluster Guided Wave Technique (HOMC-GW) is limited to the region between the dispersive behaviour of the modes and the degeneration of these modes into the shear mode"

Four Wheeled Robotic Scanner

Automation made the greatest impact on many elements of our modern life as a result of enabling& the production of extremely large number of affordable products with known performance specifications. When applied to NDE, the process can be done significantly faster, more reliably and at lower cost. Generally, automatic NDE minimizes human errors, increases the probability of detecting flaws, can be operated at harsh environments and rapidly provides accurate data for quantitative NDE. Using computerized signal processing, NDE systems are now capable of handling extremely large number of replicate samples and related databases at unprecedented speed and efficiency. Such systems significantly increased the reliability of NDE and they are improved continuously with the evolution of the technology.

The "Four Wheeled Robotic Scanner" we have developed offers enabling various technology & together, which can be used in different industrial applications like storage tank inspection using NDT methods. This scanner is very flexible since it can be used at different heights of the tank shell.