Customer Speaks


An air coupled ultrasonic imaging system manufactured by M/s Dhavini Research and Development Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai is a custom made 10-axis scanning system to facilitate ultrasonic research and also meet testing requirements of certain rocket components at 5D5C SHAR. The performance of the system has been found to be satisfactory and the ultrasonic software has provisions for imaging and analysis. Different types of representative samples tested with the scanning system till date have yielded satisfactory results. It is to be stressed that the response and support of Dhavini team has always been prompt and satisfactory starting from design to commissioning of the system at our site.

-Dr. B. Munirathinam
General Manager
Solid Propellant Plant SDSC SHAR Indian Space Research Organisation
- 24`Mar-2020


6 AXIS SCANNER system is installed and commissioned and it is working satisfactorily. Dhvani Research and Development provided us good application support as well as service support.

- 11`Feb-2020


This is to certify that we are having an Advanced Ultrasonic C Scan Immersion system, supplied and installed by. M/s Dhvani Research and Development Solution P Ltd., in 2015. It has high resolution and high speed scanning along with advanced layer-by-layer data analysis and imaging software. The performance of the system is found satisfactory for the last 4 years.

-S Balamurugan
Principal Researcher & Radiological Safety Officer,
Non-Destructive Testing & Sensors Research Group,
Advanced NDT Lab
R&D and SS Division


This is to place on record our appreciation to M/S. Dhvani Research and Development Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chennai, for having equipped us with a High Quality Table top Ultrasonic Scanning System with accessories and software. The associated software for Data acquisition, imaging and analysis is of high global standard and meets our advanced research requirements. The technical interaction with the Dhvani team throughout, from enquiry purchase procedufe, installation to service has been very satisfying. This purchase has been worth more than the money spent. We look forward to more interaction and fruitful association with Dhvani.

- Dr. M R Bhat Chief Research Scientist
- 31'Oct-2018


'It’s indeed a proud moment to inform you all that Dhvani Research is now officially certified to check the macroscopic degree of purity of bar material according to DBL 4019 and SEP 1927 by Daimler Germany. Steel cleanliness evaluation using ultrasonic immersion testing has become an industrial standard to evaluate steel mills and suppliers. Continuous evaluation of steel with an international standard helps suppliers raise the quality bar and hence the revenue by offering quality products. Dhvani was able to produce identical test results on a sample already inspected at Germany using our in house built software and scanner. The sample was inspected using the acqUT series software on a SHRUTI -6S machine with a 10Mhz transducer. SHRUTI series machines has proved it’s mettle by providing comparable results with machines extensively used by research labs globally. Dhvani is proud to announce that we are the officially approved Indian lab of Daimler to assess macroscopic degree of purity of steel casts from Indian steel market. '

- Daimler
- 01'Sep-2017

We Procured Ultrasonic –C scanner system from Dhvani R & D Solutions Pvt.Ltd.We are extremely happy to inform that the product is working ver well and satisfied with its output.We are using it to analyse the de- lamination in CFRP composites plates. The Ultrasonic C- scanner setup meets the expected standard and the obtained data is accurate as per our requirements.I strongly recommend this product to the best of my knowledge.The service and the technical details provided by the team is highly appreciated.

- Dr.A.S.S.Balan
- 23'March-2017

As very satisfied with the performance of the 3-axis scanner delivered by M/s. Dhvani Research and Development Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chennai. The scanner was custom made with nonmetallic support structure to suit our research requirements. The prompt technical support and excellent customer care after product delivery helped us customize the scanner for our application.

- Dr. Kavitha Arunachalam
- 12'June-2015

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks to M/s. Dhvani Research Development solutions Pvt. Ltd, Chennai for the excellent services that your provided to us. I am happy to inform you that we have started using the system and found its performance is good. I really appreciate the professionalism and the way you handled this C scan project. This machine is giving quality output. We greatly appreciate your efficiency in providing best products and services. We hope you will continue with your exceptional service in the coming years as well. We look forward for long association with you.

- Dr. M. Ashok
- 16'Jun-2014

The ultrasonic scanning system you have supplied is working to our satisfaction, and we are able to test samples of weight over one tonne.
We are happy with the service provided by Dhvani Research and development solutions Pvt.Ltd.

- H.Ashvin Kumar,
Advanced Systems Laboratory, DRDO,
- 15'Jun-2014

We are pleased to inform that the three axis Ultrasonic C-scan imaging system integrated with air-coupled ultrasonic equipment is working well. The C-scan system commissioned is very professional. The software meant for data acquisition & analysis is user friendly. We could test flat composite products adopting air-coupled ultrasonic technique and C-scan results obtained are extremely good. Thanks a lot for supplying the C-scan system within the stipulated time period.

- P. Karthikeyan
- 07'May-2013

I am happy to inform you that we have started using the system and found its performance to be very good. We thank to M/s.BlueStarIndia and M/s.Dhvani Chennai for all support and cooperation in realizing and installing the system. We look forward for greater cooperation with them in coming days.

- M. S.Khan
- 10'Jan-2013

We have purchased a “Integrated Standard Ultrasonic Immersion C-Scan System for Scanning and Imaging samples with Advanced Data Acquisition, analysis and Imaging Software” from M/S Dhvani Research and Development Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. We have found that the instrument is of highest quality and we are fully satisfied with its performance. In fact it has crossed our expectations.

- Dr. Ramamohan S Pai B
- 06'Dec-2012

Thank you very much for your kind services and support for conducing C-scanning examination on the spot welded samples (12-Nos) of continuously annealed advanced high strength steels. The non-destructive analysis using C-scanning of the spot weld nuggets, manifested reasonable correlation with the results that we obtained after analyzing the nuggets by destructive metallographic examination. This was our first venture to examine the nuggets of spot welded samples using C-scanning technique,which was quite satisfactory. We believe this method will help us to build more confidence in using the technique extensively for such examinations and we look forward to your continues help, support and services.

- Dr Kumkum Banerjee
- 05`Dec-2012

We are pleased to inform you that the immersion C-scan imaging system supplied by you is working well and giving us extremely good results. We are happy to get a system which is as per ASTM E 1065-08 standards,as required to meet our quality requirements.

We request you to provide you continued support as and when required.

You can also give my name as reference to any of your future customers.

- K. S. Lakshmanan
- 11`Apr-2012

This has reference to the 3-axis C-Scan system supplied by M/s Dhvani R&D Solutions (P) Limited. The system has been successfully installed and commissioned at the Quality Assurance Division. I am happy to inform you that we have started using the system and found its performance to be very good. We thank you for all your support and cooperation in realizing the system and installing it in a short time period. We look forward to greater co-operation with you.

- B Venkatraman
- 10`Apr-2012

The C-scan system from Dhvani is working perfectly. We have been using this system for the last 3 weeks and we are pleased with its performance so far. Also, Thank you for your immediate onsite technical support as well.

You can give my name for reference and I can give feedback about the system we have.

- Ganesan Baskaran
- 10`Apr-2012

We are pleased to inform you that the Integrated automated ultrasonic transducer characterization and Immersion C-scan imaging system supplied by you is working well and giving us extremely good results. We are happy to get a system which is as per ASTM E 1065-08 standards, which is required to meet our quality requirements.

The results obtained on composite test laminates are extremely good , we have extended the system for measuring velocity and attenuation very accurately. The system is also capable of performing immersion guided wave experiments which are being planned now. The advanced software for transducer characterization provided by you is unique as it has capability to provide us all the required data about the transducer being tested. This is extremely important for our quantitative measurements.We request you to provide your continued support as and when required.

- Dr K Srinivas
- 11`May-2011

We would like to put on record about our appreciation for your efforts and assistance provided for evaluating some of our steel billet samples through ultrasonic C-scan imaging. You also provided us with the exact information we are looking for, within the stipulated time. Based in the technically-rich information provided by you, we could enhance our understanding of some of our steel making processes.

- Sanjay Chandra
- 24`Feb-2011