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SIMSONIC - Ray Based Ultrasonic Simulator

SIMSONIC is a software package for simulating the ultrasonic wave propagation. Available with features are listed below:

Import .SLP files from CAD Models Define the geometry of components, defects, reference Standards, easily using SimSONic’s unique file import feature using AutoCAD, ProE, etc.

Integrated material elemental and compound library

SimSONic comes with a complete library of common material elements, transducers, wedges, used in industries. Just choose from the list and proceed to run the simulation. User can formulate any material and the software keeps the library uptodate with latest wedges and probes available in the market or gives the choice to user to define custom wedges.

Physics of wave propagation and interaction

SimSONic is capable of simulation of the fundamental wave interactions including reflection, refraction, and mode conversion satgeometrical interfaces. Advanced interactions of the ultrasonic waves with defect corners, edges, etc. are also included in the full version. Also, the Longitudinal and Shear wave rays are represented by different colours for improved understanding.


Multiple Inspection Modes

SimSONic is capable of providing a visualization of the PulseEcho, PitchCatch, Contact, Immersion, TOFD, and Phased Array modes of inspection using simple GUI wizards.

Output Data and Post Processing Analysis Option

SimSONic is equipped with provision to provide output files that can be analyzed with the Ultrasonic B and C-scan software package.


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